What Will Be Important Tomorrow




Seizing Opportunities in a World of Change

During the next fifteen years, today‘s triad of globalisation, liberalisation and digitisation will change our society even further. The way people communicate and organise their community, but also the way we treat our own bodies is greatly influenced by technological and scientific progress. New ways of life are arising, social values are becoming more relevant – or less relevant, confronted with an unlimited amount of options and opportunities the self is challenged to reinvent itself.

These changes will effect companies in all industries. If deciders know the hopes and fears of their employees and customers, they will be able to identify strategic potentials and risks in today’s and future areas of business. It will also enable them to develop scenarios for new lifeworlds and corresponding needs and to plan a future-proof and value-based brand management.

Against this background, the GIM future study “Values & Visions 2030“ gives an overview, provides guidance and makes all facets of these changes in society more comprehensible. People’s hopes and fears that have been identified in the scope of this study are the basis for a better understanding of society and hence a means to make brands and products future-proof.